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We are a reputable landscape company specializing in hardscape and masonry services for residential and commercial communities. Our focus is on transforming outdoor spaces by constructing stunning patios, walkways, and retaining walls. We understand the unique challenges that homeowners & property managers face when it comes to enhancing their outdoor areas, and we provide expert guidance and high-quality craftsmanship to bring their visions to life. Our services are aimed at homeowners and commercial property owners/managers in the Boston area, who are seeking durable, visually appealing hardscape solutions that will not only add value to their properties but also enhance the functionality and beauty of their outdoor living spaces.

Local Patio Contractor in MA

We are a trusted landscape company with extensive expertise in designing and installing patios for residential communities. Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous patio projects, ranging from small intimate spaces to expansive entertainment areas. Our team is well-versed in utilizing a wide variety of materials to create stunning and functional patios. In the past, we have worked with materials such as natural stone, concrete pavers, brick, and composite decking, allowing us to cater to various design preferences and budgets. Our portfolio showcases our range of patio designs and sizes, demonstrating our ability to customize and deliver exceptional results. We invite you to explore our gallery of photos featuring our past patio projects to get a glimpse of the quality craftsmanship and innovative designs that we bring to every residential community we serve.

Local Walkway Contractor in MA

We are a highly skilled landscape company specializing in designing and installing walkways for residential communities in Massachusetts. With our expertise, we have successfully brought countless walkway projects to life, accommodating various styles and functional needs. Our team has experience working with a range of materials, such as natural stone, concrete pavers, brick, and gravel, allowing us to create durable and visually appealing walkways that seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape. Whether it’s a small pathway or a grand entrance, we have the capabilities to handle projects of all sizes. We take pride in our work, and our portfolio of past projects highlights the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that we bring to each walkway we design and install. We invite you to explore our gallery of photos showcasing our past work to see the exceptional results we have achieved for residential communities in Massachusetts.

Local Retaining Wall Contractor in MA

We are a highly experienced landscape company specializing in designing and installing retaining walls for residential communities in Massachusetts. Our expertise lies in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls that serve their purpose while enhancing the overall beauty of the landscape. We have extensive experience working with a variety of materials, including concrete blocks, natural stone, timber, and brick. Our team has successfully completed projects of various sizes, from small garden retaining walls to larger-scale terracing and slope stabilization. We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our work, and our portfolio showcases our past projects, allowing you to see the diversity and excellence of our retaining wall installations. We invite you to explore our gallery of photos to witness the stunning results we have achieved for residential communities in Massachusetts.

What Our Customers Say

Professional, experienced, and truly experts in both landscape and hardscape services. I recommend Burns Landscaping to everyone! Their office admin is also fantastic and completely in the loop on what’s happening in the field.

- Cori, Georgetown, MA

"Burns Landscaping only took 3 days to totally transform our backyard from 2 ugly broken overgrown rock walls to a bigger yard with a beautiful interlocking wall and planting bed on top! We highly recommend them to everyone!"

- Brian & Kelly, Reading, MA

"Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail on our patio project. We truly appreciate your quick responses to whatever questions we had from the planning process to the completion of the project."

- Lazar Family, Wakefield, MA

Leading Experts in Patios, Walkways and Retaining Walls in MA

Are you in need of a refresh in the backyard? Burns Landscaping provides special hardscape and masonry services throughout Massachusetts including the North Shore, South Shore, Boston, Western MA and beyond. To see our full service area, please click below.

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